About Us

Singer, Weisberger & Assoc. was founded in 1994 with several concepts that are still at the heart of our business personality:

1.  Personal services catering to individual needs

2.  Intelligent and personable staff

3.  Cutting edge technology &

4.  Convenient midtown location

Over the years, we've developed comprehensive Tax & Financial Planning which we often coordinate with other professionals.  We refer to these professionals to actually implement our planning.  This includes forming a new business, creating Wills & Trusts, purchasing Insurance, managing investments, and more.

Our clientele includes ambassadors, university deans and professors, lawyers and doctors, writers, photographers, Wall St. traders, supermodels, chefs, and even a European first lady.

Our most recent niche has been in the area that services our aging population.  Besides serving as executor or trustee for many clients and trusts, we have been managing the financial affairs and even the household staffing for those who cannot do this for themselves.  This includes establishing round-the-clock aides, filing appropriate payroll tax returns, paying all bills, and making sure that appropriate insurance such as Medicare and drug plans are in effect.